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PVC Picket Fence – Gold Coast

Our picket range is essentially the same design as our semi privacy fencing. When it comes to fencing, homeowners have long been interested in the classic white fencing systems. However, the issue has always been having to go with wooden panels and paint them white; and, of course, deal with its long-term maintenance requirements. Of course, wooden fences are reliable, but take into consideration the additional money you will have to spend on its maintenance and repair, you have a more practical and reliable option to consider – PVC picket fences are not cheap plastic picket fences; they are superior in every way:

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Different Style Options

Whether you prefer to have your picket fence short/low to show off that beautiful lawn of yours, or would like to have more privacy and choose a tall fence, PVC picket fences from PVC Fencing Gold Coast are available in different styles for you to choose from. You can have your PVC fence customized to your liking and to suit your lifestyle.


PVC is one material that is known for its durability, as it does not rot or warp like wood or metal. This is a solid reason why it is widely used in manufacturing fences, doors, and much more. The sturdiness of PVC fences keeps them going strong, enduring the various outdoor elements, including constant exposure to the sun, harsh winds, etc.

Easy Installation

Since PVC fences come prefabricated, they are much easier and quicker to install than your traditional wooden or metal fences. They require no screws or nails for installation, and as mentioned earlier, they don’t need to be painted as well. All of these aspects help you reduce your expenses on material and labour costs.

Whether you drift towards the more conventional home décor style or prefer staying quite modern, a PVC picket fence is one option that will look great regardless. For more information on PVC picket fences and white PVC fences in general, contact PVC Fencing Gold Coast today.

Minimal Maintenance

Not just our fencing experts at PVC Fencing Gold Coast, but experts worldwide and also homeowners agree to the fact that PVC picket fences require minimal maintenance when compared to traditional fencing materials like wood. Since PVC has a non-porous and smooth surface, it is not prone to rotting or rusting. Moreover, unlike wooden fences, PVC fences come pre-coloured, so you don’t have to spend extra on paint. To maintain your PVC picket fence in its optimum condition, all you need to do is wash it occasionally with soapy water and spray it with your garden hose.

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