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Jennifer Soden
Jennifer Soden
June 14, 2022.
They guys have just installed our PVC full privacy fence and we are very happy with how it has turned out. The team has been very professional to deal with and communication has been great. We have no problem recommending.
Catherine Cossill
Catherine Cossill
May 23, 2022.
Very professional install team, arrived when they said they would and communicated throughout the process.
Hannah Coulson
Hannah Coulson
April 14, 2022.
Extremely happy with my new fence and excellent communication through the whole process.
Riley Nguyen
Riley Nguyen
August 14, 2021.
Took a little longer to receive the quote as they seemed quite busy, but still ended up going with them as they offered a great price and the product looked good quality. All round we are very satisfied with the new fence and gate. !👌👌😊
Cooper Robinson
Cooper Robinson
August 12, 2021.
Was happy with the guys at PVC Fencing Gold Coast, they couldn’t finish it on the first day because of the rain, but they came back two days later when it cleared up. Very good at what they do, I feel confident in recommending them.!

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About PVC Fences

The main ingredient used in the manufacturing of PVC fences is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This works with many other micro-ingredients to give fences their unique and sturdy characteristics, including water- and weather-resistant, flexibility, durability, and texture. PVC fences are also commonly referred to as vinyl fences. These fences are widely considered a wise investment by homeowners and experts alike because they are affordable, require minimal maintenance, and usually last a lifetime.


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Virtually Maintenance-Free

If you have dealt with wood or metal fences before, you would be aware of the additional costs you incurred regarding their repair and maintenance. With PVC fences, you will not have to spend such additional costs because these fences are virtually maintenance-free. Since vinyl fences don’t need to be painted, stained, or treated in any other way, you get to save a lot of money in the long run. Also, your PVC fence only requires periodic washing with soap and water, which you can do by simply spraying it down with your garden hose; it cannot get any more straightforward.


At PVC Fencing Gold Coast, we are committed to doing our part in protecting our environment, keeping it safe for future generations in every way possible. The direct reflection of this commitment is that we deal only with eco-friendly vinyl fencing products, products that are not loaded with chemical stains or paints or require chemical treatments. Our plastic fences and related products are naturally elegant and beautiful. They do not require frequent repainting or staining, eliminating any ongoing harm that could otherwise be done to the environment.


While fences made with traditional materials might look strong and tough, being durable is not guaranteed. For example, take wooden fences; with constant exposure to changing weather conditions, water, and other outdoor elements, they can easily and quickly rot, bow, deteriorate, and splinter. On the contrary, vinyl or PVC fences are designed and built to withstand such adverse conditions and elements, and they do not absorb moisture. As a result, they are much sturdier and can last for a significantly more extended period.

Limited Life Time Warranty

Our Fences are built tough and exceed all Australian standards to ensure your investment withstands the harsh Australian environment. At PVCF GC, regardless of the type of fence you order from us, you will get products that are 100% backed by our Limited Life Time Warranty. Yes, PVC fences last a lifetime, and our warranty is a reassurance that your investment is solid and money well spent.

About Us

Welcome to PVC Fencing Gold Coast, the specialists in PVC fencing products! Whether you’re building your dream home or adding some security and value to your existing home, we have the solution for you. 

PVC Fencing Gold Coast is your trustworthy, reliable, and go-to neighbourhood PVC fencing provider and installer, offering superior quality, eco-friendly, and UV resistant fences for property owners in the region.

Servicing the entire city of Gold Coast, PVC Fencing Gold Coast is a rapidly growing company, offering a variety of vinyl fencing solutions and services to property owners in Gold Coast. We have fencing experts with immense knowledge, skills, and years of expertise working with us, who understand that quality workmanship and service go hand in hand. With such fantastic products in our lineup, we know we can improve your homes aesthetics, increase your property’s value, and heighten its security.

Why PVC Fencing Gold Coast?

Your properties fence should be an asset that stands the test of time, giving your family a sense of security peace of mind—That’s why all our products come backed with a 30-year warranty and a 15-year workmanship warranty.

By choosing PVC Fencing Gold Coast, you are assured:

Reliable and durable PVC fencing, railing, and gates that are built to endure even the harshest of weather conditions and outdoor elements. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having to spend money once again, in just a few short years, repairing or replacing your existing fence or other fencing products.

Phenomenal service by professional and friendly staff. PVC fencing professionals at PVCF GC are experts in their field and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.


Custom fencing solutions. Our flexible product delivery model allows us to offer our customers custom fencing solutions. We can make your PVC fence just the way you want it; from different sizes to unique designs, you are guaranteed to get your desired outcome.

High-quality products at affordable prices.

A focus on customer service. We have friendly and knowledgeable representatives who can answer your calls and questions regarding our products and services. We take customer service seriously; call our team today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Should I choose a PVC fence or a vinyl fence?

Expect a few characteristics that differentiate the two; PVC and vinyl fences are basically the same. PVC is a type of vinyl and happens to be the main ingredient used in making vinyl fences. Hence, a PVC fence can be called a vinyl fence, whereas a vinyl fence cannot be referred to as a PVC fence.

PVC fences from PVC Fencing Gold Coast are sturdy, long-lasting, come with a Limited Life Time Warranty, UV resistant, impact-resistant, eco-friendly, graffiti-resistant, and do not require painting or sanding.

Are PVC fences reliable?

PVC is a material used in different industries for making a variety of products and structures, including fencing systems. The material is of high quality, needs next to no maintenance, highly durable, and weather-resistant, which means you are choosing the most reliable solution there is.

Is a PVC fence cheaper than a wood fence?

Yes, PVC fences are cheaper than wooden fences when you consider the repair and maintenance costs you incur with the latter, whereas the former has little to no such costs.

How much is a typical PVC gate?

In general, you can expect a PVC gate to be priced anywhere from $1,500 to $6,500; the pricing varies depending on your customization choices, and the size required.

Product Offerings

At PVC Fencing Gold Coast, we supply and install:

  • Full Privacy PVC Fence
  • Semi-Privacy PVC Fence
  • PVC Picket Fence
  • PVC Post and Rail
  • PVC Gates

Having your fencing project carried out by a professional company is crucial to ensure that your desired level of privacy and security is achieved, the fencing system is installed correctly, and that you have a reliable company to turn to if you ever need help. PVC Fencing Gold Coast ticks all these boxes and more, leaving you with an easy choice for your fencing needs. For our American friends looking for fencing experts, contact our partners at fencing cleveland. We also recommend our friends at Pool Fence West Palm if you are looking for pool fence installation west palm beach. We believe sharing knowledge with our worldwide partners is an important way to stay innovative and grow together.





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