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Semi-Privacy Fence

Semi-privacy fencing is another popular offering you can get from PVC Fencing Gold Coast. Yes, this is a type of vinyl fence as well, and as its name suggests, it works as a combination of both PVC Picket Fences and Privacy PVC Fences, our other two popular product offerings. While the height of a semi-privacy fence can be similar to that of a privacy PVC fence, its panels, however, tend to be less wide, thereby offering good spacing for sufficient airflow and decent visibility.

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Functional Styles

Similar to our picket PVC fences and privacy PVC fences, we offer you functional styles in our semi-privacy fences as well. It is totally up to you to choose how tall you want your white PVC fence to be, and it goes without saying that it will look elegant in classic white. Depending on the décor style of your house and your personal preferences, you can make your white plastic fence in any functional design.

Effortless Maintenance

As with all other vinyl fences that we offer, semi-privacy PVC fences can also be maintained effortlessly. Your fence only needs periodic wash with soap and water to retain its original looks, and you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on repair and maintenance either. This minimal maintenance required by semi-privacy PVC fences makes them an ideal choice for those homeowners looking for a budget-friendly fencing solution. 

Great for Bordering

If you wish to define a boundary between your property and that of your neighbour’s, having a semi-privacy PVC fence installed by PVC Fencing Gold Coast might just be the solution. With this fencing option, you will not feel confined whenever you spend time in your backyard, enjoy a nice breeze, and get some privacy, which is all additional benefits apart from bordering.

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A semi-privacy fence is just what you need if you are after privacy without the feeling of being in a tight space and losing airflow. To know our offerings on semi-privacy fences, give us a call today.